Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 10:00-14:00

Vintner’s Breakfast for Two 
 € 25.5

Basket with rolls, brown bread, butter
house-made jam, honey and vanilla schmand (a thin, sour cream like spread)
two boiled eggs
Ziegen-Obazda (goat-cheese spread), Husumer cheese, 
Hofkäse cheese, and English chutney
rillette (duck and pork pâté), coppa ham, and chorizo
house marinated salmon with a side of guacamole
chia smoothie bowl
housemade scone
Two glasses of orange juice or one Piccolo bottle Prosecco (0.2l)



English Scones € 5.5
with vanilla schmand and housemade jam

Blueberry Pancake  € 8.5
with maple syrup and vanilla schmand

Apple Pancake  € 7.5
caramelized in a pan with vanilla schmand and sliced apples

Crumble and yogurt  € 6.8
warm fruit crumble with vanilla-blueberry yogurt

Chia Smoothie Bowl  € 7.8
a smoothie of raspberries and banana mixed with chia seeds, topped with pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, roasted coconut flakes, and fresh fruit


Brotzeiten – A traditional German savory snack of cheese, cold cuts, two rolls, brown bread, and butter.

Cheese platter from cheese maker Backensholz (organic)  € 11.8
Deichkäse, Husumer, Little Goat, Hofkäse, and housemade herbed goat cheese spread with freshly baked bread, sliced apples, walnuts, and English chutney

Cheese & Sausage platter  € 13.5
Three types of cheeses from cheese maker Backensholz (organic), housemade herbed goat cheese spread, Coppa ham, chorizo, and housemade rillette. With English chutney and grainy mustard.


Savory Dishes

Breakfast Flammkuchen  € 9.7
with bacon, leeks, egg and crème fraîche

Croque Madame  € 8.5
toast, Coppa ham, goat cheese, mountain-cranberry mustard, 
tomato, and fried egg

“Lox” Sandwich  € 9.7
savory French toast topped with salmon in a house-made marinade, arugula, guacamole, and crème fraîche

“Montreal” Pancake  € 8.5
with bacon, maple syrup, and apples

Chipotle-Avocado-Toast  € 9.5
Roasted whole-grain bread, avocado, and egg. Served with a side of lemon, housemade herbed oil, and chipotle schmand

Eggs Benedict a la “Ufer”  € 12.5
Two eggs, salmon in a housemade marinade, and lemon and sour cream mousseline sauce. Served on top of freshly baked scones with tomato and arugula

Flammkuchen goat cheese wrap  € 11.4
Crispy Flammkuchen filled with tomatoes, olives, rosemary, goat cheese,
and honey, rolled and served warm



Large portion of scrambled free range eggs with baguette and salad  € 5.9

with bacon and leeks  € +1
with marinated salmon, whole-grain bread, arugula, and schmand  € +3
with chorizo and tomatoes, chipotle-schmand, and chilli sauce  € +3

Boiled egg  € 1.5


Juices, Non-Alcoholic Spritzers, Lemonade

Fresh-pressed apple-carot-ginger Juice 0.25l  € 3.4
Orange Juice 0.25 l  € 2.7
Apple juice (unfiltered) or rhubarb juice with sparkling water 0.4 l  € 3.4
Housemade apple-ginger lemonade 0.4 l  € 3.6



Espresso  € 1.6 (double  € 2.3)
Cappuccino  € 2.8
Café au lait  € 3.2
Latte Macchiato  € 3.2 (with extra Espresso +  € 0.7, with soy milk +  € 0.3)
Americano (extended Espresso)  € 2.7


Fresh ginger tea  € 3
Fresh sage-lemongrass tea  € 3
Pot of tea  € 3.5
( Black Thiele tea from Ostfriesland (East Frisia), Herb tea mix with ginger and lemongrass (organic), Green tea)*

Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate “Pasciok” from Pascucci  € 2.9
Hot chocolate from Zotter (organic & fair trade)  € 3.9