Party Rentals

Large Groups and Party Rentals

Large Groups and Private Events at Ufer

Ufer is available for large group reservations as well as entire restaurant rentals for private parties.

Large Groups (10-20 people)

We love hosting large groups at Ufer! To fully accommodate your party we require advanced arrangement and reservations including booking a fixed menu. Please take a look at our group menu offerings on our German website before making your reservation. If you do not read German please send us an email at We look forward to having you!

Private Events

For private events there is no rental fee, instead guests book a fixed menu or flying buffet served with accompanying drinks. Guests can choose from a breakfast, lunch or dinner menu, or just wine and drinks. There is a minimum menu price depending on time of year, day of week, and hour of the day. Please take a look at the party information and sample menu on our German website or send us an email at

We would love to meet with you to discuss all the details of your private event in person. Please send us an email at with your phone number and we will gladly get in touch!